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About Mis-sold Payment Protection Plans (PPI)?

What is PPI? Mis-sold PPI?

PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) was designed to cover your loan or credit card repayments if you have an accident, or become sick or are unemployed. It was mis-sold in very many cases by financial institutions and brokers, leaving customers with expensive insurance policies that they could never claim from. The banks have made massive profits from the selling of PPI alonside mortgages, loans and credit cards

The FSA have looked into the mis-selling of PPI and have ordered the banks to repay the premiums when the PPI was mis-sold.

The mis-selling has been going on for well over ten years. There is no actual deadline for when a claim has to be made, but the sooner the better.

Will my credit rating be affected?

Reclaiming your PPI will not affect your credit rating and your banks will still continue to deal with you.

Can I make more than one PPI claim?

You can reclaim PPI for each policy you were sold, whether they're with the same or different banks.

Can I reclaim PPI if I'm still paying off my loan or credit card?

If you currently have a loan or credit card it is likely that the creditor will use the money reclaimed from your PPI claim to pay off some or all of the outstanding debts.

What if I’m no longer a customer of the bank?

That’s also not an issue. You can reclaim PPI even if you are no longer a customer of the bank.

What products does it affect?

  • Mortgages
  • Loans
  • Credit cards
  • Store cards
  • Personal shopping catalogues

I asked for PPI so it doesn’t affect me?

The company you got it from had a duty to ensure the policy was appropriate for you, so even if you asked for it if it wasn’t right for you they should not have sold PPI to you.

So it was still mis-sold PPI and you can reclaim the PPI that was mis-sold

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