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An IVA could write off up to 90% of your debt
  •     Government backed IVA debt solution
  •     Completely debt free in 60 months
  •     You can keep your home and other assets
  •     We'll negotiate for reduced interest rates
  •     Stop creditors from harassing you
  •     Pay as little as £70pm every month!

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Dealing With Creditors

The relationship you develop and the way you communicate with your creditors can have a positive effect on how much time they give you to clear your debt and also how much pressure they choose to apply through the courts. There are a number of different situations where it will be necessary for you to deal with your creditors, and knowing what your rights are can give you a significant advantage when doing so.

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Debt can be stifling, there’s no arguing with that. But we can help.

Whatever you debt problems, however deep in the red you find yourself, we can help you find a way out, but you’ve got to act fast to stop it growing out of control.

Whether you’re after an IVA, a Debt Management Plan, or simply some advice tailored to your specific situation, get in touch and let us see what we can do for you.

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Our promise to you

In all cases, we shall seek to negotiate the best deal with your creditors for you. We are however unable to guarantee that all creditors will agree to reduce or freeze interest and charges. You should be aware that by entering in to a debt solution with us, fees will be charged and your credit rating is likely to be adversely affected.


The plan operates on a no-win, no-fee basis. Our fee is worked out as 25% of your total debt. We are entitled to this fee if we have negotiated reductions of 25% or more with your creditors when we settle debts. We will never charge you more than 25% of your total debt and only if we have saved you this amount or more. We are entitled to draw these fees at any point on the plan so long as savings have been made. For further details read our Terms & Conditions.

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